Tuesday, November 13, 2007

'Tis the season

Satsuma mandarins are in the store, fog shrouds us in the mornings, and the Christmas music has begun.

It's all Messiah so far -- I have to sing along and practice because of the stake choir project. My diaphragm is getting a good workout. Anyway, I like the new(ish - it's from last year) recording of Messiah by the Japan Bach Consortium. It sounds like a mandarin orange, light and sweet!

I did also break down this weekend and go searching on Rhapsody for a nice recording of Berlioz' L'Enfance du Christ. I discovered this haphazardly when a music store in Salt Lake was shutting down and giving away all its single-copy choral music for free. I got a copy of "The Shepherds' Farewell to the Holy Family" in translation. I don't know when I've heard a lovelier melody, and I halfway want to direct a ward choir again so I can do it for Christmas. In my search for a recording, I am as yet unsatisfied. Anybody?

Is the Christmas music on at your house yet? Have you bought a box of satsumas?


Crysty said...

We're going through satsumas by the dozens at my house! I can't get enough! ;o) No Christmas music, yet, though.

SalGal said...

If those are the same things as "Cuties" then oh yeah, we've already devoured 10 lbs. of them.

Sam got to make a CD for his birthday last week. He requested assorted rock/pop type songs, and Frosty the Snowman a la Beach Boys.

So yes. We're listening.

Denise said...

I occasionally turn to 100.9 to hear their Christmas stuff, and just today I was playing out of my Mark Hayes Christmas piano books (great stuff!), but I haven't broken out the CDs yet.

Ana said...

Crysty, you and your oranges! lol ..

Yes, they are the cuties! We lurve 'em ... it is hard work to limit A to 2/day.