Monday, November 19, 2007

Making the grade

I'm just a blogging fool today. I can't shut up.

So sweet 6 year old A left his notebook in my purse.

I presume it was there for sacrament meeting entertainment. I finally buckled down and told my kids they can only have a notebook and a pen during church - no toys. Who needs 'em? They have a great time creating stick figure wars on their notebooks during the meeting.

The tricky part is turning down the volume on the sound effects. If you have a boy or if you have ever been or known a boy, you know what I mean. I hate to do gender stereotyping but it is my experience that girls do not have the sound effects gene. If you would like to contradict this, feel free.

Back to my point. A has some very cute drawings in his notebook. 6-year-old art is always fantastic. But there was a different part that I really liked.

He graded himself on every page. And every grade was 100%. Even on the personal essay that described how much he liked his cat, because it was warm. We have no cat. But fiction can still get a 100%.

My very favorite? The page that said "100% Mom did this." Like I gave the grade.

I think we have a politician on our hands, folks. Or maybe a PR genius.

What would you give yourself 100% for? That is a hard question for grownups. I like how little kids are not so hard on themselves.


Denise said...

Nothing. The sad, sad truth is that I would give myself 100% on absolutely nothing.

Wow. I didn't realize I was so harsh on myself!

SalGal said...

You must've not been there the Sunday that little Sophia in her best Xian Yu voice (from "Mulan") exclaimed "BOW TO ME!!!" in Sacrament meeting 9 years ago.

I give myself 100% on screwing my kids up for life, on teaching them what not to say, and how to make idle threats.

Mini said...

I would give myself 100% on sleep. I may sound lazy for it, but I make sleep a priority in my life. Especially in weeks like this week, when I have been so sick. I just can't push myself. Or maybe it's that I won't. In order for me to be a functioning wife, daughter, friend, employee, and person, I have to have a certain amount of sleep. And I make sure the right amount of sleep is a priority in my life.

So, what would YOU give yourself 100% on, Ana?

Ana said...

Me? I get 100% for good taste and good intentions. Beyond that, I am giving myself a solid B- in life right now.

Hey, that's not that bad. (I have changed a bit since my real overachiever days!)

Ana said...

Sally, I give you 100% for pumpkin pies, true friendship, game queenship, and being hilariously, lovably bitchy. I hope you understand what I mean by that!

And by sound effects I mean not so much voices (HA! SOPHIA! Loved that kid!) as explosions, engines and gunfire.

Ana said...

Marie, will you be my sleep tutor? I am definitely at about 80% on that. Yawn! I blame Ugly Betty on DVD!

Mini said...

Sleep tutor, huh? I've never considered that for a career. Do you think I would need a medical degree for that? Hmmm, I'll have to see what I can come up with for lessons. . .