Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I must just look like I need help

We are getting a surprise food order from the Church. Unsolicited, unexpected and also un-planned-for. I'm grateful; it's very nice; I know it's not that anybody's trying to insult us or anything. They want to be supportive of the grad student family with foster kids. I get that.

I am just stressing out about where to put it all. Fortunately I found someone to keep the turkey in their deep-freeze for me, because I don't have one, and I already have two turkeys that I got for free from the grocery store promotion that's been running for the last few weeks.

Also, I'm wondering if there will be stuff in there that we just don't eat - cream of mushroom soup and brown-n-serve rolls and frozen pies and stuff. The food bank may be getting some of it.

This has happened to us once before, at Christmas, when S was two and A was a baby and I was all kinds of seasonal-affective crazy. Worst winter of my life. That time, it offended me a little. This time, I am trying hard to suppress my "we-are-not-poor" reaction and just be gracious for once in my life. Can I do it?


SalGal said...

Can you say "thanks but no thanks"? I'm surprised they'd do something like that without consulting you & G.

Tammy said...

Be gracious. Sometimes accepting these kind of things is just a lesson in making others feel like they're doing something. We are poor but frugal, just like you, so we can make it. Others might not see how we can by their standards. I hope you have a blessed THanksgiving!!!

Mini said...

Maybe it was someone else needing to boost themselves by offering a hand to someone? I hate the think you became someone's "charity case" but God does work in mysterious ways.
All in all, have more food than you know what do with is a blessing more than a curse. The opposite would have been a tragedy.