Friday, November 16, 2007

Jiggity jig

As in, home again, home again ...

So, I almost forgot about this, but traveling for business is not really fun. Boring and lonely is more like what it is.

I had a nice dinner at the West Restaurant at the Hotel Angeleno. It used to be a Holiday Inn. When the crazy Ethiopian cab driver told me that, I almost thought he was taking me to the wrong place, because I knew it was supposed to be a nice place and I thought those could not both be true. But they were. It was very nice. I had yummy salad and roasted chicken and teeny tiny potatoes.

Crazy cab driver asked where I was from (Utah, basically) and had lots of questions about Mormonism. Here's hoping I disabused him of some false notions. He was a big fan of the Word of Wisdom. You will see why in a minute.

He also told me about a natural living guru, last name Noel. I can't remember the first name. He was sure that following this guy's prescriptions would cure our infertility. Yah, like I said, kinda crazy. I did want to look him up, though, just because I am curious about craziness. Anybody got a cue on that for me?

And he showed me his adorable 2 year old daughter on his cell phone. So cute! And proceeded to tell me he does not vaccinate and would not stop talking about being anti-vaccination. Now, I respect people's decisions about their kids. But I think a cab driver or other service professional probably should not harp on customers about such an issue. Would you agree?

It's kind of sad when you go to an exciting city like LA and the most interesting part of the trip is your taxi ride.


Teri Le said...

Oh man, I love cabbies. In Chicago, I would try hard to see what I could get them to talk about - like a reverse taxi-cab confessions.

I guess they figure they have a captive audience and they can do what they want with ya. lol

so, how long DID it take you to get to the dinner from the airport?

Crysty said...

I can't believe that cab driver! I think it's hilarious that you had a convo about infertility and vaccinations! LOL! I'm sorry it wasn't very fun for you!!! I was hoping you'd have a relaxing, great time!

Ana said...

it took 40 minutes. so i was a bit late - 20 minutes or so - but it was fine.

Heidi said...

Was there at least a full night's sleep involved? I'm DYING to hear! LOL!

Ana said...

I did indeed sleep! My body woke me up at 6:30 (as usual these days) and I said, oh, I think I'll have one more dream before I get up ... and I did!

Can't complain there!

Amanda said...

I've been all over the world and the cab rides are almost always some of the most interesting times.