Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where we stand

Our family is united for hope, change, optimism, respect and honorable government.

So excited for tonight's speech from Future President Barack Obama, occurring on the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech during the March on Washington. What could be more perfect?

In case you were wondering, this is what an Obama-Biden enthusiast family looks like. I don't want to be too grandiose, but I also think it's a little bit like what America looks like. And a little bit like what God's family looks like. At least that is what we aspire to be.


Julie Weiss said...

There's no debating you have a wonderful and beautiful family. Jeremy sure had fun tossing the ball around with your boys at the reunion. I had fun being amazed at how you handled four kids on a trip alone!

Lucy said...

I envy your certainty. I really do. I admire Barack Obama, thoroughly enjoy listening to him, and think he is a good person. I'd vote for him without a bat of an eye if I agreed with his politics. As smart as he is, I am not a liberal.

But, I'm not a conservative, either and I don't like or believe McCain. Between the two, I'll probably vote Obama. I think our country needs a fresh voice, and some fresh ideas to go with it and hope for the best that it doesn't ruin a country I love.

Like I said, I envy you.

P.S. Your family is exactly what God's family looks like. Beautiful.

SalGal said...

You never have to shut up about anything to me! I wish I could feel as excited about my candidate, but what I most fear is that (not with you) if I talk politics with people it will just get ugly. I'm not very good at talking about politics and I end up sounding dumber than I am. Kind of like now?


WatchMeLoseWeight said...

You are so right Ana! Your family is beautiful!


wendy said...

What a gorgeous family!!!

Wendy from Flippin' Sweet