Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today I celebrate fifteen years married to Dr. G-to-be.

It is hard to find the right words to suggest the importance of this connection and the goodness of the man I chose. And I am not normally a person who has trouble finding words. But you know me, I will try anyway.

One lifetime with G would not be enough for all the laughter, closeness, searching, adventure and fun that has characterized our marriage so far. I am so glad to know that our partnership will last forever.

We have definitely been through ups and downs in terms of money, children, and even our relationship with each other. But I somehow found someone I know will not bail on me, no matter what. Whatever may happen to us, it happens to us together.

I don't worry about G. His goodness is so solid. It would be contrary to his character to hurt or betray our family in any way. It would be virtually impossible for him to desert our faith. He is commitment personified - and he makes it seem so easy, that it becomes easy for me. I love that about him.

Nineteen years ago he was a rock to me as I navigated a new town with new friends and challenges to my standards that I had never really encountered before. He is still that rock, that tower of strength.

But this is a guy who will not baby me. I'm not dragged behind him or put up on a false pedestal. He expects me to be right there with him. A lot of the time I don't make it. But he seems to believe I can.

Plus, the guy is funny, smart, hardworking and totally hot. It pretty much adds up to fifteen years of bliss.

No big plans or presents today. We're planning a trip for after he finishes the dreaded terminal degree that will mean he cannot be in school anymore. I think we've settled on Mexico as the location to celebrate all our accomplishments of the last fifteen years.

Happy anniversary to me and G!


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary to one of my most favorite couples ever!!

Essy said...

Happy Anniversary!

SalGal said...

Happy Anniversary, my virtual siblings!

Braden and Meredith said...

Ana, that was beautiful and all true. He is one of the best of men--one of the finest I've ever known. I would hasten to add, however, that all his virtues are matched by those of his spouse.

Happy anniversary to both of you! We love you guys!

Teri Le said...


What a tender tribute.

Tandy said...

That is totally sweet. He has to be wonderful - because you are! :) Happy anniversary!

Dana said...

He seems your perfect match in every way Ana!

Happy Anniversary.