Monday, August 25, 2008

Silly about

When S was a baby, my mother in law once accused G and me of being "silly about" him. Well, we were. We waited a long time for that guy, and let's face it, he was extremely cute. I know at least I went through the same thing with baby A (G not so much, because A basically wouldn't have anything to do with his daddy until he was about 2). K was different, of course, because he didn't arrive until he was 3. But we definitely went through a falling-in-love time with him last year around this time.

We are, if possible, even more silly about Z than we have ever been before. Like you didn't know that by now!

Here's a little update on the development of her personality.
  • Big fan of : dogs, cats, balloons, pushing buttons, brushing her own teeth, yogurt, baths, lotion, songs with actions, playing outside, taking care of baby dolls, pretending to put on makeup, putting on her own pants, berries of any kind, swinging on swings, peas, cucumbers, her ruffled cherry-print swimming suit, reading by herself, baby quilts, climbing up on the toilet to get into the cabinet, washing things with a baby wipe
  • Not particularly fond of: being read to, riding in a car, being held in a swimming pool, riding in a stroller, diaper changes, having her hair fixed, hurrying, tomatoes, sharing the spotlight with any type of cousin, doors that are closed, bedtime, daycare
  • Says: mama, daddy, baby, please, sorry, crying, yay, no, cheese, drink, mine, owie, poopoo, loud, yummy, night-night, hi, bye, wow, grandma (sounds a lot like mama), grandpa, a few other names of people


MaryRuth said...

I think mama's have EVERY right to be "silly about" their babies... especially mama's that have waited for a loooong time and had to work extra hard to get their babies.

Your little Z sounds absolutely adorable!!!!

Braden and Meredith said...

So cute!!!! And yes, the fact that she likes Barney is a reason to quite your job post haste!

Dana said...

She is BRILLIANT! :)
And darn adorable to boot!

Ana said...

New words I have heard in the last two days:

gocker (socker)
quaquah (quack quack, this means duck)
a-oon (balloon)

(Just recording for future reference!)

Ana said...

Heh, that was supposed to say "soccer."