Friday, July 25, 2008

Tidied up

I look so much neater when I'm all summed up in three-point lists. This is Sally's fault.

1. When my baby sings. The newest song in her repertoire: "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley. It's S's favorite, so we listen to it every morning in the mommymobile. Z is in charge of the "wo-yo-yo" part, and she does it well.
2. A well put together meal. Whether I have made it, or someone else, it is a source of great satisfaction.
3. A squishy bed, a good book and a locked door.

1. People realizing how incapable I am.
2. The effects of my temper.
3. Never being able to settle down.

1. To return the bulk of my time to my home and family.
2. To overcome my weaknesses without being sucked down into the vortex of despair that begins to swirl when I see them.
3. To go to Paris. France, not Idaho. Not that there's anything wrong with Idaho.

1. Old, blue and green canning jars. I use them as canisters in my kitchen. It makes me feel connected to my foremothers, a little bit.
2. Music. It's a collection that can never grow too big, especially now that it's digital.
3. Born shoes and sandals. It's a very practical weakness to have. Best shoes I've ever worn. Except maybe the MBTs but those are super expensive and not as cute.

1. Will work for gnocchi. (I'm having some for lunch right now.)
2. I have several unlikely matchmaking ideas in my head that I think might make a good novel. That would be more productive than actually trying to set people up, at least.
3. Cheater's Creamy Balsamic dressing: 4 tbsp olive oil, 4 tbsp balsamic vinegar, pinch red pepper flakes, generous pinch salt, 1/2 c. prepared mayonnaise. Whisk until smooth.

As you know, I don't tag. Feel free to pick this up if you like.


Jenne said...

Will work for gnocchi too! LOL I'll have to try that creamy balsamic too, sounds delish. (((((Hugs)))))

Ana said...

We should do a double dinner date sometime. We have a KILLAH Italian restaurant down here with gnocchi to die for. I was actually there with my co-workers tonight and had the most amazing crab ravioli in vodka sauce ... see, you want to do it, huh?

SalGal said...

Let us not forget Perris, CA. You definitely do NOT want to visit there.

Unless you happen to have full body armor, and then I guess it's ok.

Conrad's said...

Ordered the Born shoes today! Thanks for the tip