Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reasons (update on the little kids)

K is going to be four in five days. He is trying to cram in as much life experience as he can before that time. As we know, after you turn four, it's all downhill.

As bedtime approaches each day, he starts to panic, asking to do different things - go swimming, eat a popsicle, play on the computer, play Legos. When I explain that there's not time to do his selected activity before the dreaded hour, he says, "But I didn't get to do that yet today!"

That's carpe diem in its purest and most annoying form. He really has the whine down to a science.

Really, though, what should you get to do, just because you haven't done it yet today? Are your reasons for not doing it as good as the simple reason that you should get to do that thing today? Mine aren't. Why aren't we doing those things? Life passes us by so fast.

Z is also carpe dieming, mainly by spilling large quantities of foodstuffs all over the floor. Two days ago it was a nearly-full box of multigrain Cheerios. Yesterday, a full pitcher of fresh limeade. I was, of course busy clipping Costco coupons in my beautiful delusion that she was busy jumping on the couch with her brothers.

Last time I had a toddler it was 2003-ish. That's a long time ago. It's a buttkicker. I almost forgot.

These two are still online to become final forever members of our family sometime in the next few months. We are slowly progressing through the paperwork. That reminds me - I need to schedule some fingerprints for G and me. Moving right along ...


Rachel said...

The kids are adorable. Thanks for posting the pix. I also really love the way your kitchen chairs turned out. They look so nice! It makes me want to run upstairs and paint my dresser

Anne/2rosebud said...

Darling kiddoes!!! It sounds like K is related to my J! He's the king of stalling at bedtime.

And oh, dear....Z must have peeked at J&C's toddler journals (I'm going to have to keep better tabs on those journals so other impressionable toddlers won't get any of their ideas, lol!) I remember the summer of the dehydrated onions in the sandbox and the day the vacuum cleaner died a slow agonizing death due to ingestion of a 5 lb bag of flour. Hang in there!! :o)

Newsgrrl said...

Um, I cannot believe Z is walking. I remember holding her on my shoulder when she was just a little bundle of infant, all wrapped in her soft blankets. She's still got those amazing eyes!