Monday, June 30, 2008

Ask me ask me ask me

If you ever want to know
  • where not to eat in Oakhurst, CA (hint: pale green guacamole comprising about 2% avocado)
  • how it feels to breathe wood smoke for two solid days
  • how to really lay on a killer guilt trip
    • for an 8-year-old computer game addict
    • for an extremely silly Primary class
  • what it takes to treat ringworm in a child's scalp
  • how it feels to hit the maximum charge limit at the gas station without filling up your whole tank
  • how to amuse a toddler and a preschooler in an exam room for 90 minutes
I also have some other skills and knowledge somewhere. But these are things I am absolutely sure are available in my brain today.


Lisa said...

Just for the record...
I hope I am never need to know the answers.

Lucy said...

Those are things no one should be the expert for. Shudder.