Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Soldier boys

My sons, like a lot of boys, I think, have been interested in the soldier's life. They like the idea of using guns and killing bad guys.

I tell them they can choose any honest work as long as they go to college first. And I pray that an education will teach them the stupidity of most wars, or at least keep them off the front lines should they choose to serve in the military.

My oldest is getting more careful already. At almost nine, he says, "if there were a war here, I would go around telling everyone to get away. Because you never know what can happen in a war." My precious, unselfish, still-learning, nine-year-old voice of warning.

While I respect members of the military, and I try to teach that to my children, I do not honor those who have sent them to the battlefields where they now serve. I guess maybe that comes through to my kids.

The real cry of my mommy heart is very much like this mom's. Above all, I want them safe, in a peaceful world.


MaryRuth said...

I don't think anybody likes war... I dread the fact that my son may one day go to war... but I don't know how we expect to have the freedoms that we have without being willing to defend those freedoms? Freedom isn't free...Just another point of view... friendly of course :)

Ana said...

I actually agree with you that sometimes our freedoms must be defended. I just don't think the current wars are about that. I think the current administration wants us to think they are. I think if we believe them on that they have a bridge they would also like to sell us. (A bridge called Iran ...)