Thursday, March 27, 2008

Something to do

I dare you.

Go into a restaurant. A nice restaurant. It doesn't have to be expensive, but someplace where you have to be seated and order your food. And not a chain. Please.

Ask for a pleasant table. Or a seat at the window, that will do.

Order yourself a salad and an entree, and a drink if you like.

Eat by yourself. Think about your food. Watch people go by. You can wear headphones and listen to music, or read a book, if you want. But the main point of this is to be by yourself.

It's kind of scary. But its also kind of empowering.

Don't hurry. Don't be embarrassed. Don't apologize.

This is what I did tonight. I had roasted beet salad with orange vinaigrette, feta cheese and almonds, and peppery Spanish-style chicken canalone at Chez Shea in Half Moon Bay. Aside from some decidedly pink-not-red March tomatoes (chef: slice up some oranges, instead! It ain't summer yet!) it was quite perfect.

Then I went to watch the sunset at Poplar Beach. I walked a bit and the waves quickly erased any trace of me.

All by myself. I like it a lot.

Tomorrow: back to the crazy house. I like that, too.


Utahdoula said...

I am green with envy, Ana. I love eating out alone, I love the beach, I love quiet time, I love sunsets.
And you got all of that in one day!
Half Moon Bay is the BEST place to go for a Halloween pumpkin! ANd there's this bakery, that sells this big bear claws that are heaven! Whatcha doin' so far from home?

SalGal said...

I went to the movies by myself once. Doesn't seem to count! I'm glad (and extremely jealous!) you were able to find something open. I can't wait for our beach trips!!!

Ana said...

UD, I'm at a 2-day conference in San Francisco.

ang said...

Well, I have gone to the movies by myself, but not out to eat! I figure I'll do that after my dh passes away.

Dana said...

Oh, that sounds like absolute heaven Ana.

You are my kind. You KNOW that, right?

Teri Le said...

This is something that I've never been afraid to do - especially given that I've been a working mom for so long. I love lunch hours!!