Monday, March 24, 2008

Good thing you know so much

Tonight's title reflects what I used to say to S when he fed me a line of little kid BS. He had a lot of it. Sometimes he still has some. But he also has a lot of accurate information.

S likes to read science books. My dad and mom send them by the box, culled from their own collection or found at Deseret Industries.

The cute thing is that he reads these big words but has never heard them pronounced. So he does the best he can. I remember when my brother M used to do the same thing. There was probably a time when I did it, too. We are a bookwormy family; what can I say?

Gems from S:

"Do you know what the Hawaiian Islands are made from? Obsdan. (Obsidian. -ed.) It comes in lots of colors."

"Maggots are baby flies. They eat whatever they are born on. Even your flesh."

Dumb Donald he ain't. Whatever it may look like.

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