Tuesday, March 11, 2008

News from the TPR hearing

They trailed the hearing again because ... this is so great ...

S (Z's biological mother) is down in San Diego giving birth, so that our county will not detain the baby immediately. At least that is what the county human services agency's attorney said. I sure hope for her sake and the baby's that this baby is not born testing positive for meth ... it is the saddest thing ever.

Her attorney also did not show up, because if she had any representation they would have done the hearing without her. So all of us sat there for 2 hours waiting for her attorney to show up, and he never did. Our attorney thinks he is going to get censured for that because it really is disrespectful of everyone else's time. I can kind of see why he did it, though.

The good news is they trailed the hearing only until Thursday morning. And we have to be there for K that day, anyway.

Also good news: the cousin hired an attorney and he is a doofus. He doesn't know this type of law at all and basically doesn't have a leg to stand on because of the orders we gained at the last hearing (designating us as de facto parents and prospective adoptive parents).

From everything we are hearing the county is still going to recommend us as the adoptive placement, even though the social workers on the case wanted the cousin. Their bosses and their attorney are telling them it legally has to be us.

We met the county attorney and he is totally on our side. He is hilarious and has a bad attitude that will serve us well! He has very little patience for all the stall tactics and b.s. people have tried to pull. He really believes Z needs permanency and she needs it now. That's a very good thing.

So things are not resolved today but only a couple more days and I think at that point the judge will not have the patience to trail this case again.


Julie P said...

Talk about rude! (that attorney) We'll be thinking about you on Thursday!

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

While I'm sorry that you had to sit there and waste the time, I think it will be to your benefit! I'm so glad that they only pushed it to Thursday! Prayers, prayers, and loving thoughts will be with you!!!


Bek said...

Uggg.... I am glad it still looks good but the burocracy could KILL you..

If the baby tests positive, it will be removed anyway, right? In that case, you won't know where he/she goes right? or will you be able to have that info since it was a condition that you keep in touch with the siblings as part of the adoption recomendation? Is placing the sibling with you a possiblity?

What a mess....but will be thinking of your family, esp Z and K on Thursday...

Ana said...

It is a possibility, and it is scaring the crap out of me. But I can't imagine saying no.

Marta said...

Good news! I'll definitely be sending you "good thoughts."