Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Post 600: I am the luckiest

It's my 600th post on Watch Out for Mama!

Today I am grateful for the scary but safe birth of a new baby in my extended family. So it's time for some totals. I have:

1 amazing-in-every-way husband
2 practically perfect parents
2 kind and loving parents in law
2 super-cute grand-nieces (does that make me sound old?)
3 sweet nieces and nephews on my side - the new total!
3 living grandparents - how lucky is that when you're 33?
4 precious children in my home
4 (so far) ideal partners for my siblings who fit right into the whole crazy fam
5 smart, good-looking, talented and funny siblings
8 siblings and spouses on G's side
13 fun nieces and nephews on G's side - ages 3 to 20-something - counting spouses for the 2 who are married
13 aunts and uncles who remember all my ages and stages, from cute to awkward to whatever I am now
26 cousins with whom I can share memories and future reunions ... and I'm not even counting their spouses and kids!

How is that for counting your blessings?


Lucy said...

Those are quite the numbers and I love the literal counting.

600 posts is amazing too. You have a lot to contribute and I'm glad you are of a generous nature to do it.

Oh...and the comment you left for me? hilarious. But quite a compliment...if I could only measure up.

Kari said...

600 posts! Wowza girlfriend!! Yes, you have a lot to be thankful for indeed!

Mini said...

What a great idea!