Monday, December 03, 2007

Bad mommy!

It isn't right to read your child's diary, even if he is only six. But Abe has been practicing his writing. Oh, I love first graders!

Oct. 22
I can hlpe my prinses her Name is Z she is 11 muns
tue bays ago she bit me and she wus smiyling at me.

(She has been known to do this. I like how he calls her his princess.)

oct 23
this is wut my dad ses
my name is k and I hav a story and hers how it gos, "UH!"

(Obviously before K's current verbal explosion - he says a lot more than "UH!" these days but that used to be pretty much it!)


Marta said...

Reading this tonight, A (my A) said that your A is his favorite. I told him he wasn't allowed to have favorites, but there it is. (Don't tell the others...) Anyway, we both thought this was pretty funny!

Heidi said...

ROFL! That's just as cute as all get-out!

Mini said...

lol Just wait until he is an adult, and can go back and read what he wrote. I still love to read my first journal.