Thursday, December 06, 2007

I never thought this day would come

But last night, instead of catching up on House online, I watched Ugly Betty on DVD.

I am exceedingly disappointed with House this season. The only good thing was Cole, aka Big Love, and now he's gone. Are there new writers who really think it's clever, controversial or sexy if House says anatomical terms for major reproductive organs of both sexes in one show? Are they just out of ideas, so they're pulling out the gimmicks, like the whole reality-show thing, and the CIA and the documentary? I don't have time to research this, so I just stop watching.

Ugly Betty, on the other hand, I am loving. Of course I am only halfway through season 1 at this point.

Late to another party, big fat deal.


SalGal said...

You need to send me that link for House RIGHT NOW because the Tivo got erased after Big Love got fired!!!

I saw a little bit of Ugly Betty tonight, kind of funny... may have to look into it over the repeat season!

Ana said...

go to and click shows on demand. easy!

Ana said...

I watched this week's episode tonight. It was a little better. Maybe there's hope.

Victoria said...

I love House, but I too have not gotten into this year. I miss the old house :(

MaryRuth said...

we miss the old house too!! This season is a let down.