Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gnomes or a black hole?

One of those things is in my house swallowing the following:

- two brown extension cords
- several tiny screwdrivers
- one brown Born pump
- one pink butterfly baby slipper
- several ballpoint pens
- a laptop power cord
- two fleece jackets
- all my common sense

I suspect gnomes because they apparently have also been eating the insides of our 2 DVD players for dinner. Black holes don't do that.

If I were more motivated I would make this into a 12 Days of Christmas knockoff for you. Sorry. I'm feeling a little too crazy to be motivated.


Ana said...

update: found one tiny screwdriver and fixed one dvd player.

also yesterday, singlehandedly unjammed the garbage disposal.

oh yah, i rock it! now if i can just fix the shift key on this darn laptop!

Lucy said...

I think the gnome has a particular liking to winter gloves and hats around here. They are always missing.

The shift key thing would be annoying. but, don't ultra hip people tend to ignore the capital letters anyway? consider yourself part of the in crowd. Kind of like Rosie O'Donnell. Now, just start leaving out punctuation, and you'll practically be a celebrity.