Friday, September 21, 2007


It has been a buttkicker week. I keep having those lately. And I keep thinking maybe next week will be easier. Well, maybe it will.

G has been up in Livermore most days blasting water into ions and finding out what chemicals are in it, and I have been holding down the fort, so to speak.

We had our foster licensing visit on Tuesday and he took a day to clean the whole house. Have I mentioned that I am married to the best man in the entire world? I love social worker clean. I love it even more when I didn't do it.

You do know about the levels of clean, right?

1. regular clean (in our house, this is actually pretty much dirty)
2. friends clean (pick up the piles of crap)
3. visiting teachers clean (hide the piles of crap; dust surfaces)
4. mom clean (put away the piles of crap)
5. mother-in-law clean (scrub things)
6. social worker clean (scrub things really really good, toss out old medications, and put things where they are actually supposed to go)

Just another of my efforts to inform you about the really important things you should know. Sorry about all the crap. I am trying to keep my rating racy as the sex and homosexuality posts slide off the front page. Everybody knows PG doesn't sell tickets.

So this weekend, the only thing on the docket is soccer. And it is supposed to rain. I am thinking maybe we will go to the movies. Doesn't that sound fun for a rainy fall weekend? Do you know any good movies I should see, that are still in theaters?


Bek said...

I love social worker clean too...

We saw "Death at a Funeral" and it was GREAT.... worth the money. ;-)

Do you still have Z? Did you decide about K's hair?

Jennie said...

i love how you classify the different levels of clean!

that is great!

Ana said...

We do still have Z. I've been told 3 months.

K's hair has been in cornrows - his babysitter learned how to do them. She is pure gold! I just took them out today and will let him go afro tonight/tomorrow and hope she feels like cornrowing again Monday!

Denise said...

I just saw Becoming Jane last night. I liked it quite a lot. It's not exactly action-packed, and it's quite fictionalized, but I thought it was well-made, and there were several authentic heart-squeeze moments.

I don't know if my house has EVER been social-worker-clean. Maybe when we were trying to sell? Or when we first moved in and hadn't had a chance to get it dirty yet?

SalGal said...

We're trying to buy a house!!! Call me when you're free. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Free....