Friday, September 07, 2007


  • What would you rather have: a clone or a nanny?
  • Tonight I braided K's ginormous afro into lots of tiny braids. Tomorrow I am going to ask the social worker if we can leave it in and try to let it lock up. Or I might re-do it in smaller braids before we let the dreadlocks start, if we are allowed to do that. It is soooooooooo cute!
  • Also on the agenda tomorrow: picking up my cell phone at the post office (don't ask, ARGH), two morning meetings, orientation for the county childcare reimbursement program, and trying to get social security cards for me, G and K. New for K, replacements for me and G. We are dorks. You think I might be pushing too hard? I think so.
  • Have you watched that show on Fox where you sing karaoke and then you have to keep singing while the words stop appearing? It is exceedingly dumb. Nonetheless I would like to go on the show and win money for the only thing I am good at remembering.
  • Two times this week, S (who has birthday money and is feeling rich) has bought things for K. Monday, LifeSavers at the airport on the way back from my sister's wedding. Today, a 25-cent toy from the machine outside the neighborhood bodega. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? I am so, SO proud of him.
  • Yes, we have a bodega. It is run by a middle eastern family. I'm ashamed to say I don't know exactly what flavor of middle eastern. The prices are outrageous and the clientele very diverse. I have been known to buy candy there on the way home. I'm a bribery mom, you see.
  • And the million-dollar question: when there is a court hearing at the end of Z's mom's 30-day trial period on Sept. 13, should I go? On the one hand, I think it might help me make sense of things. On the other hand, if I were S trying (apparently) to avoid my kids' former foster mom, it would creep me out to have her show up in court. What do you think?

On that note, I bid you good night.


SalGal said...


Kristine said...

I would want a clone that channeled all it felt and experienced back into myself...then I wouldn't miss ANY minutes with my children.

Oh, and yes, I would go to the hearing...Z is the one who needs stability.
Do what is right for YOU, not for S.

Kristine said...

Actually, now that I read what I wrote, there is no way in heck I would want to NEVER miss any minutes with my kids...I'd go CRAZY (literally). I need some time away.
Hmm...still a clone is my choice. Although I'd probably have her nanny. Is that cheating??

WatchMeLoseWeight said...

I would go to the hearing, in the end (IMO) your first priority is Z. I appreciate that you are thinking about S and her needs and that is very kind of you, but a judge needs to see that there IS a parent for Z is the one she has now does not work out.

That's just my opinion though... follow your heart!

Crysty said...
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Crysty said...

I think go if you want to go, don't if YOU don't feel comfortable. In all the courts I've gone to, I've walked out thinking I didn't need to go, in the ONE I didn't, I SHOULD have. So follow your gut. Who cares is it creeps S out. Her emotions are fairly unstable, anyway. What does the case worker say?

I would want the clone. And I'd have her clean as good as I can (because NO ONE ELSE I've ever tried KNOWS how to clean a house) and she'd know where everything goes, so I'd have her clean, do laundry, and cook. LOL! She can do all the work, and I'll relax and play with my kids!

MiniMarie said...

You have been on a roller coaster with this. If you want to, are comfortable, and can make it, you should go. If not, don't. What ever decision you make will be the best. . . But praying always helps, too.