Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A trip list, because I have allergies

I love spring, except for the sneezing. I am so miserable today! I started taking my Claritin, but it usually takes a day for it to work up to full strength in my system. Itching! Sneezing! Watering! Cloudy brain and exhaustion! It sucks!

But I still want to blog about my holiday weekend trip. I'm going to fall back on my old friend, the list, since it does not require me to do the difficult work of making my ideas actually relate to each other. I leave that task to you.
  • We went to Las Vegas over President's Day weekend. My sister lives there. My friend Tandy had some sweet hookups for me and we got to stay in a beautifully furnished 3 bedroom apartment right across the street from my sister in East LV. How lucky is that?
  • The children's museum in Vegas is pretty fun. I got a big kick out of watching my scientific 6-year-old cooperate with a bunch of bigger kids on building a golf-ball track out of PVC pipe and flexible tubing. My 2-year-old nephew, whom I adore, loved the sound room.
  • My sister's ward leaves something to be desired. My sister and her husband have been there almost 6 months and still feel new and somewhat friendless, and it's not for lack of trying. They are serving diligently in their callings and going to activities as much as they can. But everyone seems to have more money/more kids than they do, and not to be very interested in associating with a little family that is just starting out. The "mom" activities occur in the daytime, weekday hours, and my sister is a working mama like me. And they live in a tiny apartment -- not the best for entertaining. If they were to invite a family with four kids over the place would probably blow up. A lady came up to my BIL on Sunday and asked him if he was there for the Xyz's baby blessing. He's in the freaking elder's quorum presidency, lady! Open your eyes! And I hope some of you people read this!
  • I'm a slightly protective older sister. Did you notice?
  • Said sister gave me a whole stack of food memoirs to read. Watch for some yummy book posts coming up.
  • If you are driving from Las Vegas to California at the end of a holiday weekend ... just watch out. It's wicked.


SalGal said...

Oh honey, I should have warned you about the traffic back into CA! We've seen it before, it's U G L Y, you aint' got no alibi, you UGLY!

Lisa M. said...
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Lisa M. said...

Las Vegas is my hometown!

I am protective of my sister as well, I completely understand that feeling.

I have never NOT had problems *getting* into a new ward in Las Vegas. It's a tough gig. I hope they can hang through it. I have found that eventually it grows a tad bit more warm.

I love the museum too. I am thinking of trying to take E there in September on my annual visit there.

The burmuda grass that is so prevelently grown there, is I swear one of the harshest seasonal allergy pollen known to man. I hope the clariton kicks in soon. Allergies are SO draining .. (ha ha, in more ways than one.)

Glad to know you are home safe, and that you had a great time.