Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Terrible horrible no good very bad

Crap has piled up today.

Topic number one: Here's the article I wrote. Here's the article in the San Francisco Chronicle on the same topic. I'm not going to comment further except to say, it's frustrating to me personally. And editors, we live in Merced County over here.

Topic number two. I talked to a woman from my ward about topic number one. This is a woman who lives in a big, gorgeous house, stays home with her children, and basically probably doesn't have money concerns. She said, "I don't really like all the development going on out there," meaning the campus. I wonder if she can see how obnoxious it looks for her to voice opposition to something that is designed and dedicated to improve the position of people who have probably never dreamed of living the way she lives? Just because she's concerned about the obstruction of her view?

Topic number three. I went to a luncheon. Well, I thought it was a luncheon. It was actually a baby shower. I had no gift to offer. Kind of like the little drummer boy, or actually, kind of like a LOSER!

Topic number four. I won a t-shirt at a staff meeting. Okay, that was not terrible horrible. That was fun.

Topic number five. My favorite bulletin board had a how-fertile-are-you poll. Why? Maybe they just wanted to hear me say it again: INFERTILE. Mostly I cope with that fine. Today I am bummed about it, probably because I want more kids and DH really doesn't, at least not now, and I can't flush my pills or put a needle through the condoms to get around that. So you see, being bummed about our infertility truly does not mean I love or appreciate my current kids (who joined our family through adoption) any less. It just means I am having a bummer day and could have done without that poll.

Topic number six. My four year old had a pull-down-your-pants party at his summer preschool. With other kids, including a girl. This is the second time this has happened. Normal behavior, I am sure, but good grief. Embarrassing.

Topic number seven. My six year old got in a fight at his summer program and punched a kid in the stomach. ("Now I have guilt!" - Rex from Toy Story) I can't help but wonder if this is inevitable, since he is cooped up with the same kids all day. It's kind of like putting crabs in a shoe box. Not what summer is supposed to be like. No carefree days of riding bikes, running through the sprinklers, lounging in the children's room at the library. My kids get summer programs. That sucks.

Topic number eight. I grounded both kids from tv and computer for their disparate infractions. While trying to show the six year old some alternate activities (look at this cool map!) I burned a batch of microwave popcorn. Naaaaaaaaaaaaasty.

Topic number nine. I was making Kraft Mac n Cheese for the kids for dinner, because DH and I are really not hungry. I poured in the milk and it was ... lumpy. Ewwwwww.

I think that is all. I hope so. Some days are like that, even in Australia.


SalGal said...

Topic 10, your link doesn't make your article come up. :-(

What a crappy day, pedicure sista! I nearly wet myself reading about the nudie preschool though. That one sounded more like son #1, but hey... we all are little nudists at heart, I think! I can't wait to get back so we can chat!

Ana said...

Son number two would surprise you sometimes. He is sweet as pie but also has a naughty streak wide as a river.

Ana said...

Oh, and I fixed that link.

Kitti said...

I'm so sorry about your crappy day. Bad stuff always seems to happen at once. Hope your week gets better.

Ana said...

We ended up having to take the article I wrote off the web site. So sorry, folks. Now you can just read ... well, the other thing.

Jamie said...

The minute I posted to that poll on the board yesterday (Topic number five) I was disapointed with myself.

I certainly can't put myself in anyone elses shoes in terms of fertility/infertility/pathways to mother/parenthood because, as I get older and wiser;-), it seems that we all wear a different size shoe but wanted to let you know (by writing a long run on sentance at midnight) that I appreciate the gentle yet candid way you have posted and discussed your journey to motherhood on the board so I can gain the insight I need to be a more respectful and enlightened friend and parent :) (((((((hugs)_))))) and lots of love to you Ana