Friday, June 03, 2005

EQ party at my house tonight

Games, brownies, chips and soda pop in the back yard. Little kids on the swing set, or kicking the soccer ball across the lawn. Listening to the neighbors' sprinklers come on as the sun sinks. Cool breezes, back-porch lights.

Welcome, summer!

(I just hope somebody comes. Poor DH has been on the phone the whole dang week trying to drum up partyers. If you're in central Cal and belong to an elders' quorum ... any elders' quorum ... come on over, we'll take ya.)


SalGal said...

Brian's in an Elder's Quorum! Call him! He's lonely. :-( I can't believe we've only been gone 4 days, it seems like forever. I read the beach Family Fun, and man oh man... I've gotta hurry back! We have much to do!

Kitti said...

I hope people came to the party. Sounds fun :)

Ana said...

People actually came! We had six families with kids and played a wicked game of Cranium. The kids got out all the other games at once and we had a devil of a time putting everything back in the right place.

I tried to make a quick banana cream pie using a frozen pie crust. Here is a hint. If you ever do that, PUT THE PIE ON A COOKIE SHEET BEFORE YOU PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE TO CHILL. If you do not, you will have banan cream pile, which is as tasty as banana cream pie although not fit to serve to company.