Monday, June 06, 2005

Imaginary food

So it gets to bearound 3 in the afternoon and I start daydreaming about dinner. In the days when I stayed at home this stage of the day usually sent me scrounging for snacks. Now, all I have is a yogurt and it just doesn't seem so appealing. And I am NOT going to allow myself to walk down to Starbucks and get one of those yummy creamy strawberry ice cream type things. (I'm not quite enough of a Starbucks junkie to remember what they're called.)

In this way, working a sedentary desk job is helping me LOSE weight. As much as I liked to think I was active when I was a mom at home, I was really spending most of the day ... um, grazing. Though I am not fond of the bovine image that terminology conjures up, it has pretty much become reality.

So here's my dinner daydream today. I can't wait to eat it. It's healthy, and seasonal, too.

Steak salad with grilled summer vegetables, cherries and bleu cheese

Mix in a small bowl:
juice and zest of one lemon
2 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Brush marinade on:
1/2 a small flank steak (I am guessing it's about 1/2 lb.)
4 small yellow zucchini, halved lengthwise
1 small red onion, halved top to bottom

Grill flank steak on one side. When you turn it, put your veggies on the grill. Cook until steak is done to your taste (I like bloody, DH likes burned; we compromise and eat it slightly pink) and veggies are tender.

Cut it all up and serve on

red leaf lettuce, torn in bite size pieces

Garnish with

1 pt. sweet cherries, pitted and halved
bleu cheese (are you guessing yet that this is a favorite ingredient?)

I also think some nuts or something else crunchy would be good here, but I'm struggling to think of the right type.

I am also going to have to play with a vinaigrette. I am thinking rice vinegar, honey, and a mixture of olive oil and corn oil -- nothing too assertive. We have lots of strong flavors going here already.

I also wish I had some really good bread to go with all this. Like Sally's liquid yeast bread, for example. I have some of the mix. But I can't figure out where you buy a single 12-oz can of beer. Every place I look (Albertson's, Food4Less) just sells packs. Am I just a very naive Mormon girl?

I'm a hungry one, at least.


Kitti said...

I'm on the other side of the country, but I wonder if you would find a single beer can at a corner convenience store like 7-11 or something. I've had the same problem and don't really want the extra 5 cans in the 6-pack sitting around my house (although, that would be a good way to avoid any big callings -if word got around. hehehe)

SalGal said...

Just go into the store, grab a can or a bottle (remember, you HAVE to use Bud Light!!!) and take it to the checkout. That's what I did when I wanted to try that holiday flavor of Pepsi they had. No problemo! Also, I'm thinking some shoestring onions would be great as the crunch. Remember, like you got at Market Street Grill in SLC?

Ana said...

Thanks, girls. Even a lot of Mormon girls don't reach age 31 as clueless about alcoholic beverages as I am.

The BAD, BAD news is that the bleu cheese was way beyond bleu. It was fuzzy. Oh, sad, sad! I was totally deflated. I still made the recipe but it just was not the same.

Good thought about the crackly onions. Although I did not particularly enjoy my experience at Market Street Grill. It was greeeeeeeeasy. I'm a fan of the Red Butte, myself. Are you still in SLC Sal? Will you go eat a piece of Aztec cheesecake at Red Butte for me?