Monday, April 11, 2005

Pre- and During-MS

It's struck. The PMS that starts 5 days before Cycle Day 1, then lingers for a few. Blessedly, I have not bitten any heads off this month. I've been trying really hard. I've also been so busy with moving and houseguests, that I kind of forgot it was coming. Maybe that helped. Maybe anticipation makes it worse. Or maybe it was just all the therapeutic shopping I did with my mom while she was here. Oh, that was fun!

What I have been is ... weepy. Holy moly. Last night at Ward Choir we started "Consider the Lilies of the Field." I couldn't vocalize, I was so weepy. And those who know me, know that vocalizing is what I really love to do. But the "sweet tender children who must suffer on this earth?" Oh my goodness. That's not the thing for a mom who wants more babies and can't afford another adoption yet but persists in looking at orphanage pictures online.

I never said I was smart.


fMhLisa said...

Oh fun!

SalGal said...

Weepy can sometimes mean PREGNANT. It's not impossible... I know many people who "couldn't have kids" and adopted, only to SURPRISE!, get pregnant later on. Just a theory!

I think we should go to the beach again. 10 out of 10 doctors reccommend it for PMS.

Ana said...

Uh, no, Sal. It's During-MS now. There has been no miracle-just-short-of-the-immaculate-conception at any time during my twelve-year marriage, and this month is no exception.

And don't pass around that "now that you've adopted" theory too much. Statistically, I've heard it happens in about 1 out of 7 families. And while those odds are pretty good, the rest of us, it just annoys.

But I'd looooooove the beach! My next free weekend is May 6-8. Are we making a plan???