Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Do you have a side gig?

I am starting to think I have too many. Besides being a university communications person and a mom (two main gigs) I am a freelance writer, a funeral singer and a youth leader. Today between 6:50 when I woke up and 7:50 when I left the house I had to search for a freelance check, call the funeral home director and gather supplies for Mutual tonight. Not to mention feeding, dressing and medicating myself and two children.

Pant, pant ...


Jamie said...

I did have lots going on in Seattle, both when I was working FT directing a parent co-op and when I was a SAHM for a couple years. Those were some busy multi-tasking days. I was involved with a couple of my college's social justice task forces (back when I was going to grad school on campus vs online like now), I was on the steering committee for my kids parent co-op for 8 yrs(wore every hat, sometimes two at a time even, lol), I was in the primary presidency for 5 yrs (there were only the two of us for a long time, me and the president doing EVERYTHING ourselves, including teaching and carrying my dd on my hip cause we had no nursery, oh the joys of a *mature* ward with very few young kids), my dh coached at least one of our kids sports teams each season and guess who was always managing the teams...the dear wife, and so on and so on and so on.

Once we moved here I dropped a lot of it......most all of it actually. I am just worn out from years and years of running around like a chicken with my head cut off...panting just like you are doing :(

I am looking forward to the years when my dd's are teens and my ds is way out of the nest so I can get involved again. I am just taking a break ;) We over acheivers can't stay down long without getting involved, kwim??? ;)

liltreefrog said...

Yup me too. In addition to work I also am on the board of our local Chamber of Commerce, and I am a member of our local Rotary Club. Sometimes it does get to be a lot but I have just been pretty honest with those organizations about how little time I have on evenings and weekend to help out. They keep asking me to be on committees and I just always say NO!