Monday, January 03, 2005

If I'd only known

I just spent a week in my old life. Glenny worked quite a bit over Christmas vacation and I was home with the boys. We decided to keep Sam on his meds over vacation, because transitioning back to them after Thanksgiving proved to be a bit of a bear (recurrence of side effects that had faded).

So I have to say, if I'd known it could be so easy and fun to be a SAHM, I would have been a lot more hesitant to go back to work! Of course I still would have had to do it ... financial realities and all ... but oh my gosh! My kids PLAY now, instead of bugging me all day long to entertain them. It's so cool! My parents visted for a few days last week and they noticed it. We are talking hours spent calmly building with LEGOs before a crackling fire, elaborate setups of superheroes and empty boxes ... it was normal, it was peaceful, it was fun. I read two books and learned to crochet.

It was a real vacation. I'm so thankful!

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