Thursday, December 23, 2004

A stay at home dad

So today my dear husband is the stay at home dad. The schools and preschool are closed, with no daycare options, and plus, he's burned out on his work/school stuff right now.

(I don't know what to call what he does. He does get paid, minimally, but it is school. But he is not taking classes, he's doing research. And there are only 12 grad students at our brand-new university. So whattheheck is it?)

It was weird to leave them all sitting around the breakfast table, contentedly eating their rice krispies. I realized as I walked out to the car--this is what most, or at least many, LDS dads do every day. Family life goes on largely without them. I don't feel so bad when I'm missing out on being at home while my kids are at school. But today I wish I could be there.

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liltreefrog said...

My DH is a teacher, which means he is off for the Summer. It is SO hard to go to work knowing all the fun stuff he has planned for them while I am gone. It doesn't bother me so much when they do fun things with daycare or nursery school, but I do get jealous of all the fun they have with Dad. I am glad, though that they have that time together with him. They are very well bonded to him - people comment about it all the time.