Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Great big kidney stone. I feel it starting about January 13th. It hurts, but not like the stone I had two years ago, which is a mercy, because that one had me sweating and doubled over and thinking for sure I had a ruptured appendix and certain death looming. I spend last week getting diagnosed and scheduled for a lithotripsy. No doctor in my town is free. Meanwhile, two kids get sick with colds. I go to Missoula Friday for a consult. Then, yesterday, surgery.
It seems like it's going to be no biggie. It's outpatient, it's considered minimally invasive, no incisions, blah blah.

In the hospital (first time ever in a hospital except for that ER trip two years ago with the killer stone) I have this bizarre feeling: I don't have to do anything. There are people all around me taking care of me. They bring me warm blankets and magazines. After the procedure, tomato soup and crackers, grape juice, ice water in a sippy cup. (Good tomato soup, too, with little chunks of yummy tomato, not overly sweet.) It's like somebody else is doing my job.

My friends, bless them forever, take my kids. My husband runs people to the doctor's office and picks up medicines at the pharmacy and grabs milk and stuff at the grocery store. I am mostly helpless. I dose up on two hydrocodones and one Advil Liquigel (my heretofore best friend) this afternoon so I can get the kids through homework and chores while G gets some work done. I feel super but apparently overdo it and have to lie down at 4:30 and order Domino's. I have some bleeding that I think is exacerbated by the Advil. No more of that.

I'm so helpless. I'm so humbled. I'm so grateful that, usually, I have my health. Hope it's back soon.

A million thanks to all who are praying and helping and supporting me. I can't imagine what it's like when a mom hits a really serious health crisis. I know it happens. I hope not to me.

(P.S. If I find out this stone was really caused by diet cola, that might be enough to make me kick the habit forever, and I mean forever.)


Alisa said...

Dominos!?!?!?! i told you I would order pizza for your crew....love you!

Ana said...

I know ... and I appreciate the offer, but one thing I *can* do for myself is order pizza online! :)

Tom Taylor Family said...

I love my diet Coke and have had 3 attacks. I've often wondered if the two were related.

Lori said...

Nobody drinks more DC than this household (except when we are drinking DMD). We have no kidneys. oops, no kidney stones.

Lori said...

Nobody drinks more DC than this household (except when we are drinking DMD). We have no kidneys. oops, no kidney stones.

Lucy said...

Really hope you are feeling better! What a thing to take a mom down! Yikes, I've heard those are really, really painful. I'm so glad you've got the support that you do. Now...heal!

silvia said...

I think kidney stones run in our family. so maybe it's all genetics and you won't have to give up your diet coke.