Friday, January 28, 2011


There are a few things I own that I have had forever. Of course there are things I keep for their sentimental value - dresses made by my mom for my high school proms and balls, elementary school art work, letters from friends, raggedy blankets. I don't think I'm a pack rat, but for me to still have something that I had 20 or even 30 years ago is not that unusual.

The rare thing is that object that is still used regularly.

This sweatshirt came from a shop in Trolley Square in Salt Lake in 1989. I believe I suckered my dad into buying it for me. Sometimes I was successful like that. For the record, I have never been to Scotland. I do have Scots ancestors and, you know, a tartan and stuff. And a really, really soft, old sweatshirt. Useful for days when I am sick or cold or both. It is starting to get a few tiny holes in it.

These are my huge, chunky Vasque hiking boots. They were one of my splurge items when I got my first job after college. In case you're wondering, that was in 1996. They went up Rock Canyon in Provo, a lot. They have also taken my feet out hiking on active lava flow on the Big Island, up a lot of stone steps in Yosemite, and recently, on a lot of long walks on icy sidewalks with Heidi the dog. I think they might need new laces soon, but other than that, they are as good as new. Excellent traction and stability. Hiking boots don't usually look like this anymore; the design has definitely changed in the last 15 years. I don't care. I love them.

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Valerie said...

Those hiking boots do look as good as new. Whenever I buy things, I (try) to imagine myself wearing them in 10, 15 years. But, the weirdest thing is, sometimes you can't tell what's going to make the cut. Like my Martin Luther King Jr. fundraiser t-shirt from 3rd grade that seemed to stretch as I grew and is, quite possibly, the world's softest t-shirt.