Thursday, February 24, 2011


We will just call this a late Valentine post. I did do a big project to surprise Dr. G for Valentine's Day, but I neglected to write him my usual mushy card or letter. And this morning I was just thinking about how rad he is (that word is like a special gift for him that only he will get) , and now here I am blogging about it.

Last night he came home from taking S to Scouts and reminded me to put my van in the garage. I didn't do it. This morning I headed out, bracing myself to brush off snow and warm up a very frigid vehicle. It was one degree fahrenheit this morning. Cold.

Guess where my van was? In the garage. My man is the man.

He also fixes the toilets and leaves funny notes about it. Keeps my knives sharp. Does the dishes. Walks the dog. I am a well cared for woman.

He got a grant this week at work. He has gotten four little grants this year that start to add up to biggish money. He has applied for ... guess how many grants this year? Four. Smarty!

I love my Valentine!


Lucy said...

The van story just makes me say, "AWW." I love that. I could also go for some funny notes on my toilet:)

Ana said...

Thanks, Lucy. Happy flushing to you, too. If I could leave it as a note on the can in your bathroom, I certainly would.