Tuesday, October 05, 2010


So over the weekend I made a decision to follow my sister M2's wise decision, a decision I realized I perceived as way too momentous, to step away from Facebook for a while.

I stink at controlling my use of that colossal timesuck. I get too emotionally involved in things that are none of my business or not that important or out of my hands. I play time-wasting games and resent my kids' interrupting my turn at Scrabble (really Lexulous, but you know, whatever). I look at blackmail-worthy high school photos over and over again. It's just not right for me to be there all day, every day.

I posted about it yesterday (so yeah, I'm an attention whore a little bit, I wanted all the "I'll miss you" comments) and this morning, deactivated the account.

It's more a symbolic gesture than anything else. All I have to do is log in again, and everything will be right there. But I've said I'm taking a break, and I'm taking a break. I would feel too stupid showing up again just a couple of days after my dramatic exit. Ah, pride.

I felt a little lost today. I wanted to post the funny things the kids said, like Kimori explaining to his friend that we moved away from California because we were all just way too hot there. And there were more, but I forgot them because I didn't have a place to post them in hit-and-run fashion as I am accustomed to doing. Maybe I will have to start keeping a notebook.

In between homework time and dinner prep time, I kind of wandered around wondering what I was supposed to do. And then I got out my planner and mapped out the next couple of days. I emailed some folks. Hey, productivity!

Tomorrow I am probably going to have to actually clean the house, or tackle some crazy thing like mending or filing. Ugh. No wonder I love facebook. Maybe once I get the piles down, I'll go back.


Marta said...

It is so hard the first few days, and weird to think in status updates. But you get over it! The hardest thing is that we have all become so dependent on fb that that is the only place most people share good news, so now I feel like I don't know what is going on with anyone in the family.

I've heard of a toolbar you can install that monitors the time you spend on websites and after a certain amount of time won't let you get on them. I'm considering doing that for fb in a few months.

annie said...

Wowsers... good for you! :o) It's so funny to think about how often I check fb these days (being up in nothing to do land) when I know I could probably find a few things to do around my house too!! :o) For now, I'll admire your courage from afar, but not concede to action just yet!

Julia Harps said...

I make my kids set timers when they play on the computer but I do not do it for myself. I have been thinking about how I need to do the same.
go anna!

Wife. Mother, Friend said...

so that would explain why today I couldnt find your facebook page ;) ... well, good luck with this honey! we'll still keep up with you though... :)