Saturday, October 16, 2010

Montana love

A year ago I wrote a list of things I loved about California. I still get homesick for California. Sometimes if you could peek into my head you might think I was a whiny little wimp Californian. Of course, I really am not. We have been in Montana for 10 months and I do love it. So, here is the first edition of ...

Things I Love About Montana

  • Uncrowdedness
  • Unhurriedness
  • Unspoiledness
  • Golden aspens in the sun
  • Pines in the rain
  • Evening thunderstorms
  • Rainbows on the East Ridge
  • Big Sky - they're not kidding about that
  • Amazing and plentiful state parks
  • Mining history
  • Cowboy history
  • Sacagawea/Lewis and Clark history
  • Native American history
  • Never being too hot
  • Alpine wildflowers
  • Rivers running through it
  • Pork Chop John's
  • Pasties (they're MEAT PIES, you perverts)
  • Fabulous 1890-1950 architecture
  • Lilacs
  • Yellow floribunda roses
  • Petunias in hanging baskets
  • Hot springs
  • Only 6 hours from my family
  • Local-flavored public radio
  • Local, independent pop music radio
  • Mennonites and Hmong at the Farmer's Market (sort of like California, only just in summer)
  • Summer festivals
  • Keeping garbage cans in the alley
  • No bugs or spiders in the house - winter kills 'em off
  • Wearing boots and sweaters and scarves and hats
  • Welcoming and wonderful neighbors and friends
  • A happy husband with a good job


SalGal said...

I love you, friend. :^)

Check your mailbox on Monday. Mebbe Tuesday.

alyddall said...

I second the Big Sky. I always loved the Montana section of the drive between SLC and Spokane.

kris... said...

What about the Mackenzie river pizza company? I think we need one in this part of idaho. Almost worth the drive to Butte for! SO good!

Ana said...

We don't get out much, so I've never been there! But next time you are here let's go!

MollyJae said...

Yes, I'd like to have the lilacs, all the history, the grander change in the seasons, the slower pace. I'd hate to give up not having to shovel snow, short winters, my garden that grows year round, San Francisco.