Thursday, February 12, 2009


Do you remember your last two-year-old and all the funny things they said? I have forgotten so much about S and A, and of course K I did not have for most of age two. But for Z, there are so many funny things, I just don't want to forget.

"Tummahn ... dude!" (Come on, dude!)
"Hiddow Hun" (little one)
"Higgle Hong" (Wiggles song)
"I wan' two books, peese"
"I wanna did it" (I want to do it)
"I wanna hungee" (I'm hungry or I want something to eat)
"Geeka mook, gacko ennat" (Drink of milk with cocoa [Ovaltine] in it)
"Daddy bite it" (pointing to the yogurts at the store ... Daddy loves his Yoplait)
"Uh-hunnit" (Open it)
"Eyes. Hohts." (every time she washes her hands with soap she says this, remembering the time she put it in her eyes)
"Tummeen!" (Coming! Said in a very exasperated voice. Heaven forbid you try to hurry this child)
"Geekup" (Makeup)
"Geek-hen" (Chicken)
"Abey-ham" "Mammo" and "Heywie" (strange variations on her brothers' names)

What's your name?
How old are you?

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Lucy said...

I need to record Henry's words either on video or written because he is talking better and better every day and I fear I won't remember his progress.

How cute is Z? I'm so happy you have each other.