Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today was the big day - the Tour of California bike race came by just a few blocks from our house. And it couldn't have been more perfect. After a week of rain, the breeze blew and the sun shone and our little town (which sometimes smells like onions and/or car exhaust and/or manure) was fresh and clean and lovely. We saddled up and walked/biked/scootered/strollered up to the creekside trail where I do my weekend walks to wait. 

We waited a long time. We threw a lot of sticks in the water. Smart S brought along some Legos. Z got to pet a lot of "goggies." She is soooooooo dog crazy. Lucky Sally has a dog for her to love now, so I don't have to get one.

Pretty soon the motorcycle cops and the team cars started coming through and we heard people say, "No more traffic," and "They've just gone by the courthouse."

Then we saw the peleton coming. 

(not my backside here, by the way)

Then they were there!

Then they were gone.We watched some more team cars go by - fun, with the crazy marketing paint and the equipment and stuff.

Then we packed up and walked back home.

Man, that happened fast! It was fun and exciting. My regret: I watched it through the lens of the camera and I'm not sure whether I saw Lance Armstrong or not!


Tamara said...

Wait a minute, did I just see G with hair?! When did that happen?

Ana said...

Over several months, in anticipation of job interviews!