Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How a couple of black kids feel tonight

A lot of my friends might not have immediate access to the responses of the elementary-school-age African American demographic without me, so I thought I'd help you out tonight.

A, biracial, age 7, praying:

"Thank you for giving us a good blessing and letting Barack Obama be the president. Bless John McCain that he won't feel too bad, because he's a good man and he tried really hard."

S, full African-American, age 9, listening to the victory speech:

"Martin Luther King is alive again."


WatchMeLoseWeight said...

Beautiful Ana, just beautiful!

Braden and Meredith said...

That is great, Ana. I am so happy for the validation and excitement that they, and your whole beautiful family feel.

Marta said...


David Schmader said...
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David Schmader said...

I can't help wondering how the kids of the 20,000 same-sex couples that Proposition 8 turned into bastards feel.

But yes, President Obama is a glorious, glorious thing.

Ana said...

Hi Dave - I'm glad to know you're here. I think bastard is not that relevant a word in our society anymore. There are so many kids whose parents are not married that most people hardly blink. But I know what you're driving at. I have a feeling you won't believe me, but I am sorry about the hurt.

I'm glad we at least agree about Obama.

Mr. Poe said...

Those parents—the heterosexual parents—have the ability to get married. That right to marriage is as much ours as it is yours.

If "bastard" isn't a relevant term in our society anymore, then "marriage" isn't either. You know, with the divorce rate and all.

Ana said...

Well, I think you might be right. I've said before that the solution that makes the most sense to me personally is to have the government butt out of the whole deal and let individuals or churches define the word marriage for themselves. I'm no legal genius and I don't claim to be. It just seems to make sense that way. With the appeals now getting underway, we might just be headed in that direction.