Tuesday, November 04, 2008

From the polls

G and I voted at about 8:15 this morning. There was no line to speak of at our polling place. Fifty-seven people had voted before we did. A short line began to form as we left.

Everything went without a hitch for us. Our ballots are paper, with an optical scanner at the polling station. From everything I have read, this seems to be the best system - it keeps lines moving faster because there are fewer machines to break down, and it creates a paper trail in case of questions.

One woman was there who had requested and then lost an absentee ballot. She was allowed to cast a provisional ballot. Remember this is an option for you if there's any question about your eligibility to vote.


SalGal said...

We are horrible, horrible citizens! We still haven't read up on the propositions, but we will before heading over to the polls this afternoon.

Happy Election Day!! xoxo

Ana said...

Important to know:

Prop 7 is a messy piece of law, full of loopholes. The Union of Concerned Scientists (trustworthy according to G) believes it will actually set CA back in our sustainable energy efforts.

The one about alternative fuel vehicles is mostly backed by the owner of a natural gas company. Credits for vehicles in the program depend on their filling up at this guy's stations. It's a scam, IMO.

Both of these are things that would normally appeal to me. But you can't be too careful in this crazy form of democracy. It's almost like any old yahoo can get their crazy idea on the ballot.

Braden and Meredith said...

Just heading out to vote now. Hope everything comes out all right. It would be nice if, regardless of the outcome, it will be what people really wanted, but they really voted for and not gummed up in the courts, etc.