Sunday, November 02, 2008


A, looking through our small remaining stack of vinyl albums:

"Look, Mom! It's Bill Cosby, the man who sang "Buffalo Soldier."

We have some work to do. Methinks we better not wait for Black History Month on this one.

I'm off to Rhapsody to find some classic Cos monologues. And I wonder if I can find the famously besweatered dad of my favorite '80s sitcom streaming online somewhere?


SalGal said...

There's some clips for ya!

Teri Le said...

OH, there's some good ones online. His "Slow Class" one was a favorite of mine to share with my fellow special-ed teachers!! :D

Lucy said...

You have some challenges more unique than others. Love your stories, Ana.

Crysty said...

LOVE Bill Cosby!!!! The tonsils bit is funny! I hope you can find them! My Dad has all his albums....on vinyl.

Rachel said...

I will never forgive our hometeachers who came the last Thursday of every month exactly at 7 p.m. and left thirty minutes later when The Cosby Show was wrapping up. I lived for that show!

Denise said...

Oh yeah, your kids NEED to know that man's work! From the brain-damaged children to the dad's breakfast (Dad is great, gave us the chocolate cake), to Noah (what's a cubit?), total classics.

Come to think of it, my kids need to know his work, too!