Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It's pure evil

I'm talking about Christmas treats in the workplace.

In the last week, the reception area of our office has hosted a 5 pound box of See's Candies, a plate of homemade Christmas cookies--Russian teacakes and grape-flavored spritz, a tray of gourmet baklava, and a Portuguese cake with a sort of flan on top of it.

The only way I can control my sugar intake is just to stay the heck away from it. I don't keep treats in my house. Then I would EAT THEM!

Like I'm doing now at the office! Pure evil, I tell you!


Ana said...

And there's more! a box of almonds (smoked, sugared, and chocolate-coated) and ANOTHER plate of cookies.

Heaven help us!

liltreefrog said...

Oh man, do I get you - we do a lot of work for title companies, banks, etc., so every Christmas it is gift basket & chocolate heaven. Tomorrow is the office Christmas party and I'm going to just resign myself to the fact I will be a giant pig.

Did I mention the annual gift basket full of goodies?