Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I was combing my daughter's hair tonight before bed.

"Do you ever wish you were me?" she asked. "So you could do really good hairstyles?"

She'd styled her own shiny, straight brown hair today: asymmetrical pigtails on the sides with the back hanging loose, just past her shoulders. She's excited that it's finally getting long after her self-inflicted pixie in October 2010. She's way into hair. She does darned good work for a five-year-old.

I had to laugh at her question. She was unfazed.

"What if I were your mom?" she followed up.

"Then," I said, "I guess I would have really great hair, all the time."

She nodded, satisfied.

I admire her confidence. I wish I felt so sure of something. I'd take just about anything.

But humility is a virtue, right? Life seems to be cultivating that one in me.


Marta said...

You most definitely have skills worth Z-like confidence. You are smart and funny, great at what you do (writing and editing), you are craftsy and thrifty, you are a great cook, a loving mother, and you stand up for what you believe in. You are amazing! Love you!

Lucy said...

What a cute girl. You know what? She has that kind of confidence because she has a momma who makes her feel safe, beautiful and loved. So you are doing that awfully well:)

Denise said...

It always surprises me when people who appear confident to me confess to lacking it. I was going to list all the things I personally know you're good at, but Marta did it for me. I second what she said. Chin up, you fabulous woman!