Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dream delights

Last night I dreamed that my family and I moved into a new home. It had a funny layout and lots of quirks, like dryer hose snaking all over the ceiling in a room adjacent to the living area, but I discovered a greenhouse where the previous owner had started dozens and dozens of seedlings, chard and strawberries and squash and more, and they were all thriving. I was so excited they were now mine, so thrilled to see something green and growing and promising a delicious future.

I wish this were real - except for the moving part. I am so excited to garden this summer. I am ready to see green. I would also love it if this offered some deeper meaning about unexpected blessings and opportunities.

At breakfast this morning, 7-year-old K told me he dreamed he visited Martin Luther King, Jr., at his home. It turned out MLK was a bodybuilder with all kinds of great equipment. "I used it and I got buff!" my sweet, scrawny little guy exclaimed.

This is the kid who colors his leprechauns with brown skin every year at St. Patrick's Day. He loves who he is. He is a proud little black man! May he be strong like Dr. King!


Miriam said...

" And after the fire, a still small voice."
You guys are amazing.

Lucy said...

I hope your future has tons of unexpected blessings and opportunities. I’m pretty sure Joseph would interpret the snaking hose that way:)