Friday, March 23, 2012


My witness is that this is not OK.

I've been perilously near losing someone dear to me in an all-too-similar story. It's not all right that we make our young people feel this way. I believe we need to do better.

Men are that they might have joy. Gay men (and women) too. God wants you to live and be happy. Grab a tissue before you click "play" on this video.

If you would like to learn more, I really recommend Carol Lynn Pearson's book No More Goodbyes as a starting point.

If you would like to start talking to your kids about what it means to be gay and protecting them against the forces - internal and external - that take down a lot of young, gay Mormons, you could maybe start here. (It's been a few years since I wrote that FHE plan and some of my thoughts have changed but I still think it's a good beginning framework for most Mormon families.)

If you need a safe person to talk to about being gay or a member of your family being gay (or lesbian or transgendered or fill-in-the-blank) I would like to be that person for you if I can. Or for someone you know. Especially if you're Mormon and trying to navigate all of that. I am not a professional or really an expert but I am quite sure I can listen and love and not judge, and I think that sometimes that's what some people need the most. I have given this a lot of thought and I feel like it is what I can do right now to start to heal some wounds I've caused in the past.

Thanks to my friend Veronica for the song, and Reese Dixon for the news link. Thanks to my new friend Lorian for helping me see the importance of my witness. And thanks to my brothers for surviving, being brave and strong, and helping me learn.


Lorian said...

Oh my word... that video is so incredibly powerful. Thank you so much for sharing it.

CatherineWO said...

Thank you, Ana, for posting this. It is so beautiful. How can we not love all of our brothers and sisters for who they are?

Vero said...

Thank you, Ana. For the love. For your strength. And for your bravery to witness to a culture/community that is not known for it's support for LGBTQ folks. Does my heart good!

Those Darn Calls said...

Ana, I knew Chris and his family when I was little. We lived in the same ward. Needless to say I am shocked and saddened by his tragic story. This is the first I've heard of it.