Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have been a little in the dumps, no lie. The end of winter is tough around here. Spring is a tease. But eventually it can't resist and then it's like fun comes back into the world.

I'm going to follow Ms. Marta's lead and do a purposeful, positive post. Marta wrote about things she's looking forward to. Here are mine.

  • Staying home all weekend this weekend, making yummy food, spreading out the Legos on the floor, coloring, chilling, listening.
  • Visiting my family in Utah for Easter. I haven't seen them since October. That's a long time. I miss them. I will be meeting my new nephew, who so far seems to have the largest eyes of any human ever before seen. Super cute.
  • My birthday, sort of? Turning 38 next month. I don't know, I'm pretty ambivalent about pushing 40. But I do like birthdays and parties, so, what the heck.
  • Getting my oldest son's school situation sorted out. I think they finally get it. Tomorrow we start some stuff that I asked for a year ago when I signed him up to go back to public school. Here we go.
  • Gardening. We are not going on any really long trips this summer, so I am determined to make it good!
  • Summer vacation to Utah, then off to Montreal for a few days with just Dr. G and me (thanks to my gracious parents) and then back to Utah for massive family reunioning. I'll be seeing people I haven't seen in years and I am so excited and happy about that.
  • Possibly getting up to Glacier National Park for a few days in August. We've been in Montana all this time and haven't gone up there yet. That's disgraceful, and we have to fix it!
  • My little chica starting kindergarten this fall. Life is about to change.


Marta said...

Yay! I love this post. And I can assure you, the meeting-new-nephew part will not disappoint, he is too precious.

alyddall said...

Be sure to blog about Glacier if you make it. I have always wanted to go there! (and didn't the whole four years I lived in Spokane and wasn't so far from it).

I am glad to hear all the happy things coming up for you & yours.

Lucy said...

Go to Glacier! You will love it. Those are all fantastic things to anticipate.