Friday, April 30, 2010

My week

I cooked for company. (Take the skin off the chicken, use more garlic and celery, and sub diced tomatoes for the tomato sauce.)

I turned 36. Thanks to Dr. G. for surprising me with ice cream cake and balloons. It's not too hard to make me happy!

I made some bread.

I did some good OCD-type menu planning. Wonder if I will really cook breakfast? I need to try. We spend way too much on cold cereal.

It snowed again. But as you can see, it's already melting fast.

I also got my Montana driver's license in the mail. I look like a hardened criminal. Not sharing that one on the blog. Torturing the store clerks and airport check-in attendants of the world with that scary, scary image will be enough.


SalGal said...

That must be like Brian's drug-dealer driver license photo. I told him next time he's up for renewal he's actually going to have to go in.

p.s. my word verification? "sheaters"

No joke.

mim said...

You look great! Happy B-day! Oh, and the bread looks beautiful too.

Marta said...

Happy Birthday!

Marta said...

Do you have another friend Marta? That totally confused me...

Anyway, yum on the bread, did you like it?

You look smokin.

Happy birthday!

It has been snowing here too, if that makes you feel any better.

Ana said...

Yeah, there are two Martas here! What are the odds? The Marta with the pic is my sister. The other Marta ... friendly stranger?