Friday, October 16, 2009

My little town

One thing I have wanted to do since I started thinking we might move: Go around my town taking pictures. Not that I am a great photographer - quite the opposite, I think - but I want to just imprint some of the things I have particularly loved seeing as I've driven and driven and driven around the streets of this town, listening to kids' music or loud girl rock or NPR (or whatever else).

So we did a photo expedition for a home school activity today. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway we saw a garage sale. And that was the end of S's patience for photo expeditions. All he wanted to do was get back and see if he could find anything good. In fairness, he has had some excellent luck lately with mint 1990s action figures.

Nonetheless, I made a little loop in the minivan and snapped some of my visual favorites. It's a gray day. We may have to try this again when we have a blue sky. Lucky thing about being in California for several more weeks: that's pretty much sure to happen.

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Jackie said...

Oh I must admit I am so jealous. Can I please move with you? Jay and I just got back from a trip back to NC and the green, the people, the small town, made it so hard to fly back to LA and see the smog, the hurried lifestyle and the brown. Enjoy your next adventure in life. I cannot wait to read about it. Good luck with the move. If we can do anything to help let us know!!