Saturday, October 17, 2009

California love

I have just been thinking about long lists of things I am going to miss about California and Merced. I am sure this list will grow longer. And then I will start a new list of things I love about Montana.

Italian cypress
Chinese pistache
Valley oaks
Year-round farmer's market
The bounteous Hispanic and Asian sections at Food 4 less
99c Only
Fresh figs (eating these today with new wistfulness)
Local avocados
Flip-flops in October
Morning fog giving way to afternoon sun
2 hours from the beach
2 hours from Yosemite
The bird refuge
Bear Creek trail
Happy Cows
Lake Yosemite
Daily summer swims
The strawberry stand on McKee
The flea market
Downtown parades for Veteran's Day and Christmas

More to come.


elizabeth said...

some good news. I've been to montana, and I think the cows might be even happier there. horses, too. I'm sure it will be an adjustment, but I'm so excited that a phD is not jobless. It gives me hope for December!

Braden said...

This is a very wistful and sweet post. I love that you'll start making a new list for MT now. I think you are just such great people that you will be happy and thrive wherever you go.

kris... said...

You'll still be able to wear flip flops in October... your toesies will just be cold.

Ana said...

I do not like cold toesies. I'm thinking I'll be switching to SmartWool socks.