Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Three books, mixed thanks

So, I will thank my dear, brilliant friend Miriam for recommending that I read Neil Gaiman. Dr. G,. on the other hand, is probably not so happy about it. I have read three freaky, amazing novels in the last couple of weeks and done little to no housework. Each book has a premise so imaginative and writing so engaging and witty that it's kinda tough to break away ... well, yeah, you know me and my character flaw related to a good book. Visiting teachers, social workers, and anybody else reading this blog, I may need a week or so before you try coming over here. (Just kidding, my visiting teachers already know how I really live, and social workers are not coming here anymore because our kids are finally and officially adopted!)

One. Anansi Brothers. Two half-mortal sons of the trickster-spider god and how they mess things up and fix them again, along with significant ideas about good and evil, myth and magic, and so on, in a story that moves at romp speed with sympathy and humor and fright woven in its ... web, yeah, I couldn't resist.

Two. Good Omens, or the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. What happens at Armageddon if the Son of Satan gets misplaced in a hospital switcheroo, because nobody in Heaven or Hell really knows what they're doing. Funny and philosophical.

Three. Coraline. Read in an hour or so this afternoon. So deeply frightening, I need to get out in the sunshine. And I really do not trust that well, and when you read about it you will know what I mean. SHUDDER.

Have fun!


Marta said...

I heard a story on NPR about The Graveyard Book, it sounded good! Perhaps I shouldn't start reading Niel Gaiman, I may not be able to stop.

Molly Jae said...

Thanks for the warning....we'll be sure to give you time (especially since we are SO on time - ha ha). Glad to get some new ideas for books too.