Thursday, January 15, 2009


Sometimes Facebook shows me really cool stuff. This, for instance: Service Nation.

As Mormons, we have service drilled into us all the time. So, I think, do active members of other faiths. But I hope we - Christians, believers, whatever we call ourselves - don't expect to be the only people out to do good in the world.

I hope you sign up. Do a lot of little stuff, do a big thing, do whatever, but do something.

As for me, I know I will keep parenting the kids I have (foster parenting is a BIG thing, but these kids are just my kids now in my heart and soon will be by law, too, so it's kind of stopped being a public service) and keep teaching my darling 7 year olds in Primary. I'm hoping to head down to the stake vineyard to help finish the winter cleanup sometime in the next couple of weeks - we grow grapes for raisins. There are donations I will continue to make, although on a reduced scale since I am no longer the earning powerhouse in the family and for a few more months no one else is, either.

But that stuff is just kind of the way I live. Nothing new, nothing to enable me to say I am doing more now than I was last year to make the world a better place. I am looking for something else to commit to in conjunction with Obama's inauguration and the Service Nation pledge. I gotta figure out the right thing. Anybody got a project they need help with, or a great idea to share?


Lampwik said...

How about this one? They do great work for adoptive families.

Jackie said...

Once again Ana you are an inspiration to me. You amaze me with your engery, love and enthusiasm. I just feel lucky to keep up with my 12-13 year old class at church. :> Thanks for the reminder to step out of my comfort zone and look around!

D said...

Thank you for setting such a good example for us. I hope I don't sound like I'm discounting anything you've said about service, I just wanted to add that especially after working at a prison, I'm not sure there's a greater public service than raising children well, even if those children are your own!