Saturday, January 10, 2009


We are not vegetarians. In the interest of helping my 4 year old understand where his food comes from, I embarked this evening on the following conversation:

K: I like this meat.
A: That's pork. It comes from a pig.
K [suspicious]: Is it the pig's poop?
A: No, it's the pig's muscles.
K: I don't like a pig's muscles! I'm just going to drive away to a hotel! Or Grandma's house!

He ate the rest of the pork and then conked out before he could find his license and keys.


annie said...

That's FUNNY!!!

Jackie said...

That is great!!! I had a tough time when we had gone into a farm store and the kids loved the chicks and then we went to Wendy's for chicken nuggets. Luckily, they will still too little to understand or question it too much.

SalGal said...

He is the freakin' funniest kid I ever met!

Denise said...


Braden and Mere said...

Awesome. THere is a definite logic to it, I mean considering eggs etc.

Dana said...

Pig Poop.....ROFLOLOL!! I want him for my own. ;)