Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Normally I know what to say

Actually that's not true in a general sense; I'm frequently tongue-tied in conversation and only think of my witty comebacks days later. However, when it comes to teaching a lesson, I can think and prepare in advance. This means I usually feel pretty confident and know what to say.

However, this Sunday's lesson in Young Women is about the requirements of missionary service. I freely admit that I know almost nothing about this topic. I wanted to go on a mission, in a vague, general way. But when Glenn came back from his two years in Korea very ready to get married, those plans changed. Really, I'd known they would, thanks to a patriarchal blessing at age 18 that indicated I'd marry "within the next few years." The same blessing promises a mission with my husband later in life, and I look forward to that.

But it leaves me with no experience on the requirements of missionary service. The lesson in the manual focuses heavily on what the rules are and how important obedience to them is. I'd like to share some more interesting and personal stories, especially from women. Tanya Spackman's post at Millennial Star gives me a great start. So I'm open to your input. Way open.

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